Retail Management


6 Months


12th (Any Stream)

Minimum Age

17 ½ Years


The most dynamic and growing industry is the retail industry, and India is the 5th largest destination for the retail spaces in the world. The retail industry is growing and flourishing continuously with the entry of more new global giants. This has also created a lot of job opportunities after the shifting from an unorganised sector to an organised sector, from executives to managerial positions, in the retail industry sector.

The retail industry is providing vast opportunities in the field of retailing and customer services. There is a lot of scope in retail management and in store management after doing retail courses and store management courses and certificate courses in retail management. The retail industry has increased drastically and focused on addressing consumers and gives you an opportunity to enrol yourself into an interesting lifestyle and wide-ranging career path.

Retail management and its concept, the trends, the market segmentation, pricing of the product, merchandising, relationship marketing, and also information technology in retailing are the few topics covered in retail management courses in India. This will help the candidates to build their awareness in brands, marketing, strategies and retail philosophies.

Skills that you will learn through the course

  • Grooming
  • Sales Management
  • Retail Management
  • Interview Facing Skills
  • Personality Development
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Effective communication skill

Career & Jobs Opportunities

Pursuing a career in retailing is very rewarding as well as challenging. There are a great number of job prospects in this field. The aspirants in this field must keep in mind that it's not just a nine-to-five job. They might need to work with a hectic schedule at crazy work shifts. Also, in retailing customer happiness is paramount and therefore they must possess interpersonal skills to achieve greater heights in the field.

  • Retail Manager - The retail manager supervises every department and aspect of the store. He oversees the functioning of sales, stock, and staff and manages budgets and costs to enhance profit rates.
  • Digital Manager - The digital manager develops various digital campaigns to optimize the productivity and profitability of the store.
  • Merchandiser - The merchandiser monitors the ongoing sales trends and collaborates with sales and stock departments and prepares a strategy to attract more customers.
  • Retail Sales Assistant - The retail sales assistant is directly related to the customers. He engages customers to identify their needs and assist them accordingly. Also, introduce them to the discounts and deals offered by the store.
  • Visual Merchandiser - The visual merchandisers are responsible for the layout and design of the store. They plan and implement a visually pleasing window to attract more customers to the store.