Airport Ground Handling


6 Months


12th (Any Streams)

Minimum Age

17 ½ Years


India is soon becoming one of the leading job providers in aviation industries. /* It is noted that by India will stand in the race. */ As the aviation industry is soaring high, the demand for ground staff student has also increased. The ground staffs are also represented as ground crew in the aviation language. The demand of the staffs is increasing with the number of cargos being delivered through airlines.

Our airport ground staff course trains the students to handle the cargoes and the passengers on the ground. We make our students competent in handling cargo, transportation, passenger handling, and providing various other customer services like updating them about flight changes, and handling cancellation and reservations.

The ground staff course duration, also known as the Diploma in Aviation Hospitality & Aviation Management 1 Year. The course combines classroom as well as field learning. The course helps in getting an airport ground staff job in delhi and other domestic airlines all over India.

Once you have cleared the airport ground staff exam, you can undertake complete training for airport ground staff job. The cabin crew training course is equivalent to ground staff course, where you are taught the following:

Personality Development & Soft Skills

Effective communication has today become an all important and omnipotent weapon to climb the ladder of success in every profession. It is something that can be ill afforded to be neglected. In its mission to help in the all round development of all its students, IGIA provides free Eng-lab Spoken English classes to interested IGIA students.

IGIA also offers free personality development program to all its students. This program is designed to build a cordial and confident personality by generating positive self-image. Participating on the personality development program, trainees are expected to be able to optimize all their potential.

  • Roleplay
  • Professional Etiquette
  • Personality Development
  • Time management
  • Basic aviation management
  • Improving communication skills

Job Opportunities

With a whole group dedicated to handle the flights for the timely operations of the airlines and the passenger comfort at the airports round the clock, airlines are always looking for competent people who can work in a 24X7 environment keeping their calm and poise.

There are jobs available in the commercial & security department of the airport ground handling staff at all types of airports. Apart from airlines one can seek employment with the ground handling agents working for international airlines operating out of India.

IGIA offers its students at undergraduate level to train and acquire professional competence to work and perform at different levels of ground staff. A timely entry into this field ensures the chances of getting promoted to the top level quickly