Airline Cabin Crew / Air Hostess


6 Months


12th (Any Stream)

Minimum Age

17 ½ Years


Cabin crew is one of the best job roles in the aviation industry students willing to pursue aviation careers can select certificate and diploma programmes after completing 10+2. Women who want to pursue a career as air hostesses have a great scope in this industry and can enrol in courses like Ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training to start working with reputed airlines.

The courses combine classroom learning and practical training about the things a person needs to keep in mind while flying. Careers in this field are not exclusively for women; men are also eligible to apply for courses, and potential candidates can get great jobs.

Skills Required

Everything has its two sides an air hostesses' job comes with various risks and a lot of hard work. Air hostesses go through significant training sessions, and there is always a risk of hijackers and terrorists. So, working as an air hostess is very exciting and also comes with major hard work.

Certain skills are mandatory for air hostesses,

  • Teamwork
  • Behavioural Skills
  • Friendly Personality
  • Ability to Work Overtime
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Ability to React in Challenging Situations

Job Opportunities

With the continued expansion in the air transport industry, airlines are seeking thousands of applications from good quality people with the right knowledge and personality for the job of Cabin Crew. A candidate undergoing this course has multiple career opportunities lying open for her / him. With foreign airlines also hiring Indian Crews, the whole world is yours to fly.

This is a high flying career that offers high salaries, superb perks, excellent working environment and above all to do what you always wanted to do. To be over the world.

It is a career where your skills will be in high demand. Airline Industry - as Air hostess, flight steward, traffic assistant, ticketing / reservation staff, Customer service agent, Sales / marketing staff, Airline call centres etc.